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Quantum Lock: June 2021 Update

This has been an exciting few months for Quantum Lock Technologies. In June 2020, we were accepted into the Innovation Crossroads program which fueled us with ~$500k in product development funding from the Department of Energy at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. We are using that funding to develop two prototypes at ORNL in the cybersecurity group as well as launch a pilot by this time next year.

Our first prototype is set to be complete in September and will demonstrate the Quantum Lock system with 2 magnetic locking doors. This prototype will be used to test our software and further test our cyber-resilience. The second prototype will demonstrate Quantum Lock integration with existing access control systems and smart locks. Quantum Lock is a tool to enhance existing physical security protocols and this prototype will demonstrate the accessibility of our retrofit business model.

As we prepare to pilot Quantum Lock in 2022, we are continuing our customer discovery efforts. This month our founder, Erica Grant, visited the control centers and substations at the Electric Power Board (EPB) of Chattanooga to better understand their physical security needs.

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