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Quantal Gear

Harnessing quantum information to enhance IoT security for access control, smart lock systems, and connected equipment.

The Quantum Lock Hub provides immediate detection of activity, with a leger of access attempts and anomalies.

Complete End-to-End Encryption

Our Quantum Hub distributes completely random and  unpredictable digital keys to all locks in the facility.

Our sleek, modular design provides an integrated charging cable and wall mounting adhesive for easy placement for any industry

Manufacturing facilities/

Secure automated robots and equipment


Protect guest rooms from intruders and theft


Ensure the safety of secured areas like the ICU and pharmaceutical storage


Keep proprietary information

Government buildings/ utility board substations
Secure all entry-points and sensitive materials, while protecting resources like our nation's energy grid



Our Quantal Reader is mounted on the wall next to each door. The Access Control Mechanism sits within a door lock, communicates to the network to get keys, and report ledger data. It is also what a user interacts with to unlock the door with their mobile device or key card.

Our Quantal software sends updates and user data from the cloud to each reader and vice versa. The ledger, alerts, and reader information can all be viewed conveniently from our management portal. Permissions for each user can be easily configured there.

Every member of the facility can enter the facility with their card or smartphone. From their perspective, it is easy and convenient.

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